The Intellectual Property Wars from Gutenberg to Gates

W. W. Norton & Company

1. A General History of the Pirates
2. The Invention of Piracy
3. The Piratical Enlightenment
4. Experimenting with Print
5. Pharmaceutical Piracy and the Origins of Medical Patenting
6. Of Epics and Orreries
7. The Land without Property
8. Making a Nation
9. The Printing Counterrevolution
10. Inventors, Schemers, and Men of Science
11. International Copyright and the Science of Civilization
12. The First Pirate Hunters
13. The Great Oscillation War
14. Intellectual Property and the Nature of Science
15. The Pirate at Home and at Large
16. From Phreaking to Fudding
17. Past, Present, and Future

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